Your dollhouse purchase also sends a Hope House to a child served by agency Give Partners. Hope Houses include an imaginative play space, doll family and inspirational storybook connecting you to the story these children will write for their future.  Demonstrate love, make connection and find purpose in your gift-giving.  Family Is Key!

Family Is Key to a strong foundation, and a child’s brightest future can be unlocked through imaginative play. Hope Houses are imaginary worlds where children act out family life. Together, the Buy-One Give-One promise opens doors of imagination to even more children.

You buy toy houses, agency Give Partners change lives.

Give Partners thoughtfully match the Hope House from your purchase with a young life they are already transforming.  Demonstrate love, connect your family through imaginative play and bring purpose to your gift giving.

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It’s much more than being generous; it’s letting children know they are loved and modeling intact family. At the end of Hope House storybooks the child is asked,“Who lives here?,” with encouragement to create personalities and dreams for their doll family.  There is love, hope and a dream that goes into each Hope House.

In 2010, we started making dollhouses in our garage and giving them away at Christmastime to inspire unsuspecting children. The impact of a surprise dollhouse and doll family was truly amazing.  It’s more than dollhouses, families and storybooks —we are working against statistics showing a decline in intact families.  A hobby has turned into a mission-based business.

We may not be able to bring every displaced child into our home, but we can bring the dream of home and family to them.

Reaching a child through play and imagination is both healing and empowering. We’re able to reach more children through our buy-one-give-one promise.

It feels like Christmas all year for us now.

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